The Duckietown Bookshelf

For developers "Master" multi-page, single-page, pdf Contains all documents in the project.
Pre-built Fall 2017 multi-page, single-page, pdf For the students in Fall 2017 (ETHZ, UdeM, TTIC, NCTU)
Graduate-level coming 2018 A graduate-level introduction to autonomy.
Undergraduate-level coming 2018 An undergraduate-level introduction to autonomy.
The Tinkerer Path coming 2018 For self-guided learners, who want to build Duckiebots, with minimal theory.
High school coming 2018 Suitable for High School students
Custom Custom (self-guided learner) coming 2018 Customize your learning experience by choosing learning modules.
Custom (instructor) coming 2018 Createa custom learning experience
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